Dj Ace D

Originally hailing from East
Chicago, Indiana, DJ Ace D grew
up with a strong affinity for
music of all genres. She started
off her musical journey learning
how to produce and edit her
own instrumentals on
equipment such as the Yamaha
Motif and Roland Fantom. At
the suggestion of a friend she
reached out to a local DJ who
was holding practice sessions
for those who were interested
in learning how to DJ. That was
more than two years ago and
since then she has eagerly
invested into the craft, learning
the ropes from some of the
most talented DJs in the city.
DJ Ace D has performed for
brands such as Mac Cosmectics
and Sam’s Club and has
appeared in lounges such as
Bohica Bar, Red Star Cocktail
Lounge, Roja Gusano, and
Linger Martini Bar. She is
currently a mixshow DJ for Her love of music stems from its
ability to unite people from different ages, cultures, and religions across the
globe. In the future, she hopes to continue to expand her brand across multiple
platforms and venues.

Past Performances: Festivals: Miller Beach House Fest Music Alliance Festival Clubs performed at: Linger Martini Bar Bohica Bar The Island Bar Rojo Gusano Renaissance Bronzeville Red Star Cocktail Lounge Club What’s Up In Store Performances: Mac Cosmectics Sam’s Club

Guest DJ-Power Style Radio Show
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